Submit to ONYX ZINE!

Submit to ONYX – our zine where we’ll be showcasing what pride means to us and how we celebrate pride for ourselves, each other, and our legacy.

The main theme is QTIPOC pride. You can interpret this in any way you want, but here are some questions to help inspire your work:

  • What does pride mean to you?
  • Does pride equal freedom? If so, what does that freedom look like?
  • What gives you pride in being LGBTQIA+ and POC?
  • How do you take pride in yourself?
  • How does the legacy of QTIPOC activism affect you today?


  • Visual: drawings, paintings, digital designs, renderings, photos, collages, prints, comics
  • Written: poems, essays, articles, memoirs, recipes, rituals, spells, lyrics, life hacks, tutorials, advice, slogans


  • 1-2 original art submissions
  • Size: 8.5 x 5.5 in (half a regular page)
  • File formats: word docs, pdf’s, images (jpeg, png, etc.)
  • Printing info: black & white at 300dpi
  • Submission deadline: May 15th

To submit, email with your submission(s), name, pronouns, and a short 1-2 sentence bio. If you’re also interested in selling your art at the zine release or the Community Pride Festival, let us know in your email ❤

Columbus Community Pride 2018: Back to our Roots!

Columbus Community Pride 2018: Back to Our Roots will take place from June 1st–16th, 2018.

Click here to donate to Community Pride 2018.

With celebratory and educational events ranging from dance parties and documentary showings to invited speakers and art shows, Columbus Community Pride will highlight the vibrant lives of queer, trans, and intersex people of color (QTIPOC) and communities at other intersections of oppression. Community Pride will culminate in the Columbus Community Pride Festival, which will include performance and visual artists, arts & crafts, a community resource fair, and more. We are raising money so that every Community Pride event, including the Festival, will be FREE to attend.

We are committed to bringing Pride back to its radical roots, highlighting movement leaders such as Marsha P. Johnson, QTIPOC history, and the legacy of protest instead of bending to corporate and state interests. Our Pride will not be for police and will be free from the capitalistic influence of corporate sponsorships. Rather, it will be a grassroots effort in support of the seeds of Pride: a community-based coalition which furthers the safety and liberty of the most marginalized in our communities. Pride started as a riot. Let’s uproot the weeds of white supremacy, corporate interest, and collaboration with state-sanctioned violence and return Pride to its original radical legacy. In order to grow the promise of liberation for QTIPOC in Central Ohio and beyond, we must create space outside of white, cis, ableist corporate Prides. It all starts at the roots.

Follow links on the main menu to learn more about why Columbus needs Community Pride, get involved, hear about events, and more. The Columbus Community Pride Facebook is coming soon.

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