Vendors announced!

ankofa Arts – SANKOFA ARTS bridges the gap between ancestral excellence and present day ART. Let our adornments be the first to welcome you BACK HOME.

Flavva Media – Fully supports all the independent artists and creatives! Now you can experience the Flavva for yourself! Stop by our booth to create your own t-shirts!! & Yes! Right On The Spots 
See what all the Flavva is about! & Get an exclusive look and behind the scenes of the highly anticipated Three And A Half Gays​ Podcast !! #FLAVVAINYAEARR

Planet Abstract Black (picture 2) – Out-of-this-world magical queer POC shirts, stickers, prints, and sooo much more

Galore Girl (Rrari Galore) (picture 3) – Black trans woman selling her brand of lips glosses, hair bonnets, T-shirts, and lashes to help fund her transition!

ART by AQUA – “A magical black girl obsessed with acrylics. Adventurous nature boy fascinated by Earth.”

Kamoh – One of our lovely performers selling their merch!

Lunam Press – Independently printed and designed shirts that benefit local and national causes such as OSU’s Trans*mission and TGI Justice Project (TGIJP)!

Abundance of Love Creations – Abundance Of Love Creations is a company that aims to heal energies through crystal and stone creations. Our creations are conduits for healing that allow positive and healing energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out. The pieces we make are not only are fashionable but beneficial to everyday life!

Security Without a Police Presence!

As many know, Community Pride is not working with the police in any way. We have seen time and time again how the police treat queer and trans people of color and will not support any institution that does not support us. We care deeply about the safety of our siblings who will be attending the Columbus Community Pride 2018: Back to Our Roots Festivaland have hired private security instead.

Highland Security & Investigations, LLC is a Black trans-operated private security firm that we trust personally to keep attendees safe and secure. C.O.O. Ty Crenshaw (pictured) and his team will have a presence both at and surrounding the festival. They are armed and tactically and socially trained to keep us all safe.

Should you have any safety or security problems at the festival, H.S.I. officers will be wearing neon yellow shirts that say EVENT SECURITY.

Support us by getting some merch!

This just in: we have some amazing merch for sale!

After lots of interest from our comrades who live outside of central Ohio, we are happy to launch the online store for Community Pride!

We have three items available: the official t-shirt in black and in white and a tote bag (online exclusive!). Since base prices for online sales is more than the amount we are selling our in-person t-shirts for, prices are more expensive for our online t-shirts. We really apologize for that!

We hope those who want some Community Pride memorabilia are able to get it from afar! Let us know if you have any questions!