Community Pride 2022: The Future Is Queer!

Columbus Community Pride 2023: The Future is Queer pays homage to lasting resiliency of queer, trans, and intersex people of color. Our elders have led countless movements toward liberation throughout history and for generations we have persevered against relentless state violence against our people. Mama Major Griffin-Gracy said “I’m still fucking here!” and The Future is Queer honors this.

Our community will only continue to grow – we expand and extend our beliefs about ourselves and our bodies. We are cultivating deeper connections with our ancestors. Our youth and elders continue to bravely come out and share their brilliant selves with the world. The Future is Queer declares that queer, trans, and intersex folks will exist and thrive in the future and into infinity.

We remember that we have always been here, before we even had names for our desires, identities, and experiences. There has always been an effort to erase us but we have always fought hard for our voices to be heard, to be believed, and to be celebrated. As we imagine brighter futures, we hold this legacy in our minds. We scream in unison, “We are still fucking here! We will always be here!”. The Future, the past, the present, is Queer, and we are not going anywhere.